Savannah, 21, unhealthily obsessed with Reese's and Grace Helbig.


Mini Constellation Hoop Art $9.00

bought the Orion one… 😁

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To be too at home in one’s home implies a sort of isolationist philosophy responsible for various forms of hate and bigotry, as well as narrow forms of thinking that pretend to know others in their otherness, that calcifies difference and uses calcified difference to perpetuate violence and oppression.
Brian McGrath, “‘Refuge for the Homeless’: Not at Home in Romanticism and Comparative Literature”




Did anyone notice how Katy perry never actually mentions a guy/man in her song The One That Got Away like for all we know she could be singing about a chicken nugget that she dropped

Why would she get a matching tattoo with a chicken nugget

I’d get a matching tattoo with a chicken nugget. Chicken nuggets is like my family.

can we talk about the fact that if grace and chester got married and grace kept her middle name and took chester’s last name her initials would be GAS
how fitting of her illy constructed bowels

The Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope. πŸ’•

Hobbies: pretending to have good posture

Schnauzer appreciation selfie

We tolerate each other.

To the love of my life, I’ll keep it short and sweet. You are the most delightful ray of sunshine there ever was. Please don’t ever forget that. To 7+ years of being best friends and to all the years to come, have the best birthday ever. πŸ’‹

Get ready for a lot more of these. #BackInTigertown


marvel + text posts (x)

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Hair, meet humidity. (at Bank of America Stadium)

Liverpool 2 - AC Milan 0 (at Bank of America Stadium)



how do I make this my β€œabout me” on grindr?

this is so important

1000000000x better than Iggy